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374 Dupont Street,
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 1V9
*Inside the Hourglass Workout Studio.

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Please ensure you’ve read through all the Frequently Asked Questions below. If your question hasn’t been answered in any of the FAQ’s feel free to call/email or submit the form below.

Phone: 416-519-7511

Male Clients can sign up directly on the Performance Academy registration page. Choose your membership pricing option and click on the ‘Buy Now’ link to purchase. You will be re-directed to the Mind Body site where you can create your account, purchase your membership and register for classes.
Female clients can sign up at our sister site Here you will get all of the same memberships benefits as Performance Academy with many more class timeslots to choose from!
In general the cost in North America is $179/month – this rate lowers the more months you sign up for at a time. Full-time students receive a 15% discount off any package with valid student ID and full time student schedule. For all rates and ways to pay check out our membership and pricing list here.
When it comes to building muscle, losing weight, and getting fit, attaining goals is not always an easy feat. Here at Performance Academy we will help you to set a goal, make a plan, track your progress, and stay motivated! All of our instructors have the ability to assist in safe and effective muscle building. Be sure to let our instructors know what your goals are so that they can modify the program for you appropriately. And as with any training program – your eating plan is paramount! Follow your Muscle Building eating plan for optimal results.
Lyzabeth Lopez, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and the creator of Performance Academy and the Hourglass WorkoutTM has developed varied eating plans for all different body types and food restrictions. Our instructors have access to these plans and have been trained in holistic nutrition and are certified to choose and adapt the appropriate eating plan specific to your goals.
At Performance Academy, you will have access to both indoor and outdoor classes. In colder months the majority of classes will be held indoors. During nicer weather, classes will generally be held outdoors.
All of our instructors are accomplished certified personal trainers in addition to a wide variety of credentials and accreditations including muay thai and kickboxing, kettlebell, TRX and functional conditioning. Our team is also comprised of a number of holistic nutritionists and a naturopathic doctor.

Should you need to freeze your membership due to vacation, injury and so on, you can do so under the following circumstances:

  • 3 freezes for up to 30 consecutive days each on a 1-year membership
  • 2 freezes for up to 30 consecutive days each on a 6-month membership
  • 1 freezes for up to 30 consecutive days each on a 3-month membership

There is no transfer or suspension option available for single classes or months. To put your membership on hold, simply contact us at